Staying Close to Your Partner

Intimate - Being Understood

Between the sleep deprivation, midnight feedings, and mountains of laundry, it’s no wonder new parents have trouble maintaining intimacy after baby’s arrival!

Here are a few of the most important things to remember when it comes to staying close to your partner after you become parents:

Communication is key.

Keep talking. The easiest way to […]

DIY & Natural Teething Remedies

Natural Remedies, Holistic Living with Kristy

Of all the ailments that we dealt with when my children were infants, Teething had to be one of the hardest. Because the discomfort caused by those little razors (teeth) cutting through my little ones’ delicate gums, my babies were moody, grumpy, sleep-deprived, and sometimes downright angry… and who can blame them? Mouth pain is […]

Self-Care Basics

Self-Care Quote, Holistic Living with Kristy

As mothers, we women often find ourselves spending all of our time caring for others and not enough time caring for ourselves. I know I am guilty of this, and usually it’s my own fault… getting wrapped up in my long to-do list and letting my calendar get overrun with family things too often means […]

It Takes a Village – Part Three: Feeding Your Baby

Holistic Living with Kristy

This is part three of my blog series, “It Takes A Village: Support in Parenting.” Click these links to read part one or part two.

Feeding Your Baby

There are few parenting issues more emotional than whether or not to breastfeed your baby. As this article by Best for Babes website so clearly states:

We […]

It Takes a Village – Part Two: Becoming a Parent


This is part two of my blog series, “It Takes A Village: Support in Parenting.” To read part one, please click here.

Transitioning to Parenthood

Whether becoming a parent is planned or a surprise, no doubt most couples spend a lot of time and energy getting ready for baby. This often involves months of preparation: […]

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